Carolina Crowley

"For me, designing a handbag means allowing the doors of imagination to open up into a universe of possibilities…"

Carolina Crowley, 2015.

When it comes to fashion design, succeeding means making sure that your design is different, innovative and with a touch of elegance. Carolina Crowley ads that touch of confidence in every collection, by adding a personal accent that will make you stand out.

As a designer, Carolina Crowley seeks to achieve a style with each handbag, bringing to life a beautiful and unique object with the highest quality in which the transformation of the material sets a fashion trend that is elegant, avant-garde and fun.

After finishing her fashion design studies in Barcelona, Spain (stylist, personal shopper, fashion merchandising, handbag and shoe design), the designer moved back to Mexico to set up her own company: Carolina Crowley. She gained her followers trust almost immediately as a fashion consultant and analyst, positioning herself as a cool hunter for her customers.

As a designer, Carolina Crowley developed a close relationship with Mexican artisans who have led her to learn, value and appreciate every piece of their their artistic work. In return, creating a collaboration and adding to each handbag, top level quality.

Due to the appreciation of these visual emerging artists, the most recent Carolina Crowley project is a handbag that has been intervened with artwork, a piece that is considered a collectible.

The Carolina Crowley Collection has been invited to important international level fashion runways, such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Women Together Awards NY in United Nations. Her designs have also been published in some of the most prestigious fashion magazines, such as VOGUE.

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